Animal Hero Kids Go to Washington

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”Animal Hero Kids R Voices for the Voiceless” A Brave Adventure Documentary

Congress has voted in favor of a lethal mass wildlife killing, a death certificate has been issued for hibernating bears and denning wolves. This war on wildlife even opens up Alaskan national ”preserves” or “refuges” to bully hunting practices.

Objections were overridden from animal protection groups, and individual citizens who were calling their senators before the U.S. Senate passed H.J. Resolution. 69 on March 21, 2017. This decision effectively nullified Obama-era Department of Interior regulations that prohibited the use of such tactics as baiting, spotlighting, and aerial spotting and shooting to hunt hibernating bears, denning wolves, and other predators on national preserves lands in Alaska.

Young advocates with are determined to stand up against heartbreaking animal cruelty and are taking their fight to Washington DC. This adventure will be filmed as part of a documentary showcasing these courageous and compassionate children and teens as they speak with members of Congress, elected officials and other decision makers about the impact this travesty will have against wildlife.

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