Animal Hero Kids Month

October is World Animal Hero Kids Month!

Calling All Young Animal Advocates!
10 Ways You Can participate, globally.


Animal Hero Kids Month GraphicIt doesn’t matter where you are you can be a part of World Animal Hero Kids month.

  1. Gather your friends and family to visit a legitimate farmed animal sanctuary and volunteer and bring supplies from their wish list.
  2. Read stories from the “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless “ book to shelter dogs and cats. Leave catnip toys behind for the cats and vegan dog cookies for the dogs.
  3. Organize a vegan fare samplings giveaway outside of a busy area. can help.
  4. Ask your local city or county to declare a day to celebrate kind actions by youth by declaring an Animal Hero Kids Day proclamation accept the proclamation with a rescued companion animal and gift a copy of “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless “ book to the commission.
  5. Create a chalk education action where colorful chalks are used for messages about being kind2all animals near a busy pedestrian area
  6. Ask your local library if you can read stories from the “Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless “ book for a kids program
  7. Create a song, dance, spoken word, poem, or piece of art or even a short video commercial and post it on social media with the hashtag #worldanimalherokidsmonth
  8. Have a veggie dog party with your friends where you watch a movie and write letters to your local newspapers about how important it is to be kind to all animals and list ways their readers can help other animals.
  9. Create a helping animals school club and have regular meetings to learn and brainstorm how the club can help other animals in your area and beyond.
  10. Speak at your local city commission public comment section about how animal based agriculture affects climate change or present a school project about the same subject. has factual resources to support your mission.

160 participating organizations support World Animal Hero Kids Month including Egypt, Israel, Africa, Canada, Peru and Nepal. Our partners will celebrate, encourage and recognize Animal Hero Kids in the locales.

Join us in our celebration of the Kind Animal Hero Kids around the world.

Please, contact or 561-236-8843 with any questions, or ideas.

Participate in Animal Hero Kids Month


Partners utilize the “Be an Animal Hero” DVD.


Animal Hero Kids in your community

  1. Santa Cruz SPCA & Humane Society
  2. VetSur
  3. New Hampshire SPCA
  4. Allegheny Animal Welfare Council
  5. SPCA of Southwest Michigan
  6. Irvine Animal Care Center
  7. Animal Assistance Foundation
  8. Humane Education Society
  9. Georgia Center for Humane Education
  10. Animal Nepal
  11. Hardin County Animal Services
  12. Pearl River County SPCA
  13. La Plata County Humane Society
  14. Qunicy Humane Society
  15. Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
  16. Act Asia for Animals
  17. Petsmart Charities
  18. Alley Cat Allies
  19. For Pet Sake
  20. Homeless Pet Clubs
  21. Alliance for Contraception in Cats & Dogs
  22. Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland
  23. Bienestar y Defensa Animal
  24. Outer Banks SPCA
  25. Clinton Humane Society
  26. Proani Asociacion de Proteccion Animal
  27. All About Animals
  28. Humane Society of Indianapolis
  29. Pet Support Phasion Charity Affair
  30. Humane Society Animal League for Life
  31. Central Minnesota Animal Care & Control
  32. Big Bend Disaster Animal Response Team
  33. Shelter Me Photography
  34. Humane Society Calumet Area
  35. Loudon County Animal Shelter
  36. Pet Helpers
  37. Humane Society of Northeast Georgia
  38. Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control
  39. The Iams Company
  40. Sevier County Humane Society
  41. PAWS Rescue Indiana
  42. Bryant Animal Control & Adoption
  43. LSPCA South Africa
  44. Catholic Concern for Animals
  45. Palm Beach County Animal Control
  46. Last Second Shelter Dogs
  47. Liberty Humane Society
  48. Oakland Animal Shelter
  49. Feline Rescue of SF
  50. Aggieland Humane Society
  51. Pet Adoption of Cannon Valley
  52. Delaware HSUS
  53. Coffee County Humane Society
  54. Fayette County Animal Control
  55. Stray Hearts Animal Shelter
  56. Humane Society Animal League for Life
  57. Adair County Humane Society
  58. Cherokee Humane Society
  59. Ontario Feral Cat Spay
  60. Vaughan Animal Services
  61. Our Pal’s Place
  62. Iowa City Animal Services

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