Animal Hero Kids & Teens Crew

Evan, 8, Florida, is the Animal Hero 4 All, one of his videos have been viewed a million times, he joined Animal Hero Kids when he was 5 years old. Vegan Evan is a free style rapper for other animals not to be harmed.

Animal Hero 4 All, Ella Rose, 7, Florida, is vegan and lives on a sanctuary for rescued animals, and is in the currently being filmed Animal Hero Kids documentary.

Animal Hero 4 All Josie, 12, Pennsylvania, created a petition to ban baby male cows being confined, she also has a pet pig, and have grown together in photos.

Animal Hero 4 All Ian, 7, Florida, loves being vegan, here he is with his friend Admiral fluffy boots, a rescued chicken.

Animal Hero 4 All Khendall, 8, Jacksonville, Florida, effective in speaking out against the Florida black bear hunt.

Animal Hero 4 All Kimaya, 6, Arizona has asked her grandfather Dr, Sailesh Rao’s to help save the earth from climate change effects and to turn the world vegan by 2026

Animal Hero 4 All Landon, 11, Florida, active with local animal save group, speaks out for other animals, and recently saved a lot of sea creatures from having hooks put in the middle of their bodies and released them into their home, the sea.

Animal Hero 4 All Rilee, 7, St Cloud, sister of Landon. She’s for other animals and a vegan, she enjoyed walking in the first ever vegan international vegan fashion show.


Animal Hero 4 All Hannah, 16, Georgia in the Animal Hero Kids Voices for the Voiceless book donated to school libraries after each presentation in a chapter called Hannah Rallies for rhinos. Hannah created a plastic pollution awareness day in Georgia by working with state government representatives, she also chooses to be vegan because of how the other animals are treated, and the environment.

Animal Hero Kids Evan, Landon, Rilee, Mother Nature, one of the education storytelling characters who visit schools, Lovey

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