Vegan Venus Interiors

Vegan Venus Interiors: A Novel Way to Support Animal Hero Kids Kindness Education Programs

Vegan Venus Interiors offers designs for the discerningly compassionate. 100% of all profits go to Animal Hero Kids’ Kindness Education Programs.

The Designer

Susan Hargreaves has been an active defender of all species of animals for four decades. Undercover investigations, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, humane education, writing, organizing and activism are practical tools in Susan’s strategic carpet bag to protect those animals in need of a defender. You may rest assured no fur, leather, wool or silk will ever be used in Susan’s designs.

Initial Design consultation fee of $100. Payable to Animal Hero Kids. Send inquiries to  or call Susan at 561-575-5517.

Susan envisioned the design of this dream bathroom and bedroom before the initial ground-breaking, working with the architect and general contractor. (Photos displayed below may NOT be used without permission. )

Bespoke Interiors, from Inception to Completion. The design of the building was conceived in conjunction with the architect and general contractor. The interior design of the bedroom and bathroom were developed prior to building construction.

Photos displayed above may NOT be used without permission.