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Simple One-Time Gift or Monthly Donation

Supporting Animal Hero Kids could not be easier! Make a one-time gift or ongoing monthly donation. As a Monthly Giving Donor Member, you provide AHK with the continuing support needed to secure the future of these much-needed educational programs, as well as ensuring that new programs and services are made available to our future generations.


Volunteers are an essential element to Animal Hero Kids

We are an all-volunteer based organization. We have many positions available throughout the year. These positions include being a personal animal advocate, an Animal Hero Kids Co-President, Special events volunteer, administration  assistance and more! If you’ve got a skill, I’m sure we will be able to utilize it for the overall well being of all species!

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Why Sponsor?

Because supporting animals and youth is a win-win!

The heroes (and Animal Hero Kids’ Humane Education Program) promote being kind to all beings: two-legged, four-legged, winged or furred. We know that the earth and society benefit from compassion being fostered and encouraged.

The audience profile at our events is appealing to both commercial enterprises and cause-related nonprofits. Attendees include youth, parents, teachers, and celebrities who are all interested in health, environmentalism, and animal causes.

AND – All of these attendees are also early adopters of green products and show strong loyalty to those enterprises that support animal and environmental causes.


During our special National & Global Award Events, Animal Hero Kids provides a printed program to its attendees. Advertising provides direct Brand Exposure and offsets the organizations’ printing costs.